Beginning of something great.


Hey Jeremy here! So I've created this blog as a creative outlet for my photography journey and a tool to develop my ideas and thoughts and hopefully help others out there.   

I am definitely not a writer so hang in there! In this post I will basically give you an insite into my life and my journey to where I am now. 

Born and raised in Cairns, located in the tropical far North of Queensland; Australia. I spent majority of my childhood there however it was when I first moved just north of Brisbane Aus in 2008 that I first started to listen to hardcore music and started to get into the local music scene. From my weekly adventures into the city to watch bands play I started seeing photographers about my age who were shooting the events. Most of the larger bands have photographers follow them on tour and as time progressed I found myself not interested in the photographers but rather the bands themselves. This first occured to me when I was at a show in '08 with a few larger bands playing whom of which I was very much a fan of. As the night progressed I spotted a photographer whose work I thoroughly enjoyed and I found myself studying how he shot the night trying to guess his thought process of what he was trying to achieve. The following day, ears still ringing from the night before I jumped on his blog to see the photos and I spotted my own face gawking into the camera front row in the pit while everyone else was going wild. Ever since then I picked up a camera and decided that photography was my path! As time progressed I developed my own diverse style of shooting and was gifted a small collection of film cameras from my nan for which I am very grateful.

Over the years I have added to this collection which is where I first delved into film photography. At first I thought this was just cool because it was old and I just couldn't fathom  how this weird dark plastic can hold an image yet be wrecked by the light. But the more I shot with it the more I realized it was more then the 'film look.' It made me think about what I was doing and take my time before wasting a whole roll. All of a sudden composition, exposure and a methodical thought process was taken before I pressed that little button and the clunky sounding shutter would release. This was one of the biggest stepping stones I had taken early on in what will become my career. I am currently studying a Diploma of Photo Imaging while trying to fit my photo career around full time employment, which is a struggle in it's own.

This blog is my adventure to share with you how I develop as a photographer and hopefully teach others and not only that but also share a few other peoples' stories along the way and I would love for you all to join me!