EASY Downward Pointing Camera Set Up

I stumbled across this after searching for rigs to point a camera straight down. Sounds pretty boring, but I've always loved this perspective and its used a lot for food and product photography so I thought id share it! Also, its so simple, why id not thought of it before?

The first thing you will need is a tripod with a removable center shaft. At the bottom of that shaft I just press the two buttons in and pull it off then slide it out. Once out you just flip it upside down and put it back. It should look similar to mine below.

With the tripod legs spread apart you can just point your camera down and shoot away. Keeping with the simple theme you can take this one step further and add in nice soft lighting without light modifiers like softboxes nor do you need triggers to achieve an off camera flash look. With a speed light on your camera all you need to do is move your set up close to a wall and point your flash at it. The whole wall will bounce soft light back and your subject. The light will be soft because of the size of it in relation to whatever you're photographing.

Another thing I like to do is put whatever I'm photographing on a piece of plain white printer paper and add in a simple reflector to fill in the shadows.

Thanks again guys I hope you all found this helpful! Please feel free to leave a link in the comments to a photo where you've used this, id love to see it!