Gear Talk!

I took this photo with my trusty iPhone for Instagram and had a massive response!I guess people just love seeing gear! Admittedly, Ialso do love peering at other photographers gear so that and try and visualize why they had a specific item and its use. This is my way of sharing what I used for this particular shoot and explaining why I packed it.

This is by no means a definitive list of what I own just merely a light packed shoot and what I pack will always change every single time. Also with weddings I rent a lot of extra gear that I don't own yet!

1: Canon 6D; This is my workhorse and I love it so much and wifi which is super handy for super quick photos for socials. When I am on a shoot I always try to send a photo to my phone, then after a quick edit send it to the client and they are always super stoked!

2: Yashica 35MF; this was recently gifted to me from a family friend its only a simple film point and shoot but its so quirky and compact. I mostly try and use it as a walking around camera.

3: Holdfast wrist strap; When 
I'm shooting one camera I usually always wrap my camera strap around my hand. My partner Kate got me this and so that I could have a kick butt strap without cutting off the circulation to my hand.

4: Minolta x700; My first film SLR. Love it to bits and its just been refurbished and back in action. It's got a 50mm 1.8 lens on it and super nice to shoot! Pick one up if you get the chance.

5: Sekonic l-308s; This light meter is super handy with shooting with strobes or any posed studio shooting. Without going into detail its a real niche tool for 
me, but handy when the occasion arises.

6: Canon 24-70 2.8 L; my go to lens and is what's on my camera body 90% of the time! Super crisp and find it to be a nice focal length for most situations.

7: Yashica Electro 35; This is again just 
fun, super easy range finder with a nice fast aperture!

8: Misc Items; I think the film was Kodak gold 200 from memory. Only a short day so two SD cards were needed. Extra batteries because, well you never know. Ingenious RF602 triggers and receivers, basic foolproof and reliable. Last but not least! Canon 50mm 1.8 as a back up in case for some reason its super dark and my 2.8 lens isn't fast enough.

9: Yongnuo 580 Flash; Super basic 
flaws with only manual controls. I know the Yongnuo brand cops a lot of flack being a cheaper copy of genuine brands, but honestly I've never had one skip a beat and they are cheap enough to have two or three backups for peace of mind.

10: Rode MicGo with a 'Dead Cat'; I always have this in the bag just in case a film opportunity arras. The shotgun mic uses phantom power from the camera which means no batteries. Winning! The 'dead cat' helps with the wind yet doesn't affect the audio so Ialways leave it on because why not. With the 6D I can turn off the AGC and manually set the levels and for the price point and size its well worth it. Sure beats the on board mic.

11: Vanguard Alpha Tripod; This tripod is super sturdy and has lasted me years! The only thing I would do is swap the out for a nice ball head, but I've never really found the need that high. The center column can be mounted upside down, which is awesome for food photography. I'm not sure how to hype it up... it just does what its meant to do which is hold shit still and it does it very well!

Tell me about your gear! What do you love to shoot and why? Drop a comment below and lets talk shop!