Try New Things !



I've created a list of photo life rules for myself! Funny idea but I find I need it to further myself and my photography and hopefully this will help you out too. How do we break out of a funk,  continue learning and developing? Hopefully this. In my head I feel like this is going to turn into something like a 'yes man' photo cult but without the koolaid. Jokes aside by following these I hope I can use these guidelines to help not only my own photography but yours too.

Don't compare yourself to others, photography is an art and everyone sees things differently.

If in doubt go shoot! Don't second guess yourself.

Try new things! (Not drugs)


So the whole idea of don't compair yourself to others photography is an art and everyone sees things differently relates to creating insecurity within your own work. If you spend your time compairing your work to others instead of actually getting out and shooting you will not only be insecure with the quality of your own photography but from lack of shooting you can't develope, learn and improve your own photography. Which leads to my next rule.

 If in doubt go shoot! Don't second guess yourself. Never stop shooting, everytime you shoot you will learn something. Don't turn down opportunities because your second guessing your ability to accomplish it. You won't know if you don't try. Very corny line but very true. This also ties in with my last rule.

Try new things!  This actually speaks for itself and shouldn't need explaining but that would make for a boring blog post. Push boundary, step out of your comfort zone and shoot new things. This is a critical step in learning! You can't know something won't work unless you try and even if it doesn't work who cares? You've never tried before and now you know that particular thing doesn't work. This is how learning works.

In summary life's too short to not get out, shoot, learn and have fun. As always thanks for reading and drop a comment below! Adios