When being shy is holding you back in photography


I have always found live photography very challenging and I think I have always been drawn to it through my love for music. My first few experiences at show I was shocked to see a good hand full of photographers shooting such a small event, no photo pit but standing next to people moshing and pilling up. As I was just learning photography I was initially very agar to bring my camera and give it a whirl. I found myself each week felling very insecure. Continually seeing professional camera bodied and off camera flashes being used I very quickly felt discouraged and not only all the gear but also everyone was very competitive to get the perfect shot. Thinking back it was like seagulls fighting over hot chips. Too embarrassed to give it a shot and not wanting to get in the way of others, I gave up and continued my photography but headed into a less competitive field. Flash forward a few years I last week shot a show for my good friends in Daybreakers and met up with a few local photographers whom I had followed on Instragram and facebook. Until this point I have never felt comfortable shooting live shows. Honestly never have I stood beside other photographers and had them ask how I went in that last set and talk about gear and offer advice. From people I've just seen around on the internet and social media to feeling a sense of community as cheesy as it sounds was mind blowing. Who knows where I would be today if I had not stood back and watched like the shy teen with a camera I was. If you want something don’t stand back and let it fly by. if anyone has a camera and wants to get a hand or to learn email/facebook/instagram me seriously contact me no matter what skill level and I will do everything I can to help put or answer any questions you have because I sure wish I had someone give me a hand  when I needed it. Have you ever felt this way or had something similar happen to you? Comment below I’d love to hear about it!  

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