Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

1: What is your style? What is your approach when photographing a wedding?

This is very important because every photographer does have a different style when shooting weddings and it’s important to find one that will suit the style of photos you are chasing. Me for example, I personally love documenting the genuine moments of the day. Kind of like a fly on the wall. I love this style because I can capture an emotional moment when the bride and groom give each other a loving glance instead them breaking the moment to face the camera.

Brisbane wedding photography - Bride and groom

2: What packages do you offer? Deposit and payment plans?

Another easy one but important nonetheless, some photographers offer an alacarté or pick and choose package, extras and others offer a few different packages to suit every couple. Me, I have a few different packages (click me to view) but at the end of the day if one of them is out of your budget or something just isn’t right for you it’s important for you to ask so that both you and the photographer can come to an agreement and everyone is happy.

3: Will you be shooting our wedding? And what happens if?

This is a big one! I’ve heard of a few couples getting caught out by this! Some photography businesses will have employees working for them and it’s important to know if you’re hiring someone specifically to shoot your wedding that it is they who will be attending and not an employee of the business. What happens if you can’t make it or fall ill? This is very rare but it needs to be spoken about regardless and the photographer must have a large network of talented photographers whom he can organise with the bride as a suitable replacement.

Brisbane wedding photographer with bride and groom

4: Do you or are you willing to follow a shot list?

At the end of the day you need to be happy with what photos you have and if that means passing on a shot list then so be it. Most photographers will follow one and are more then willing to shoot anything you ask. Me personally, I have one memorised but I also like to ask beforehand for anything specific they may want.

5: So I have this idea…are you interested?

I love when couples have awesome ideas for their wedding day! Don’t be shy if you have a particular image in mind what you would like or want to try. I once had a groom ask me to shoot a 'Stranger Things' inspired photo!

Stanger Weddings - Stranger things wedding

6: Can my other guests take photos?

A trend going around lately is ‘unplugged weddings’ which basically means the bride and groom ask their guests to turn off their phones and cameras. This does two things; it allows your guests to enjoy the moment and secondly it will stop you from having photos with your guests in the background. This to me personally is a bit full on but I’m happy if you are. If you know guests want to take photos just make sure they understand to be mindful of the photographer you have hired or even have your celebrant mention this the guests before the ceremony begins.

7: How long can we expect before we see our wedding photos?

This is very important but a question that is often overlooked. What I think happens way too often is when a couple post their photo as a married couple and it’s an IPhone photo from a relative. That being said, this is by no means the couples fault it is the first photo they could get. I have Wifi capabilities on one of my cameras and this means while everyone is eating I like to send a few photos to the couple straight away so that the first photo of them as a married couple the Internet sees is amazing. Regardless of which package you choose the photos will be edited within two weeks and then the final delivery within the third week following your wedding date!

8: Do you travel?

If the photographer you are chasing lives out of your area or in another city, you might be surprised at how willing they are to travel to your wedding. Don’t be discouraged by distance and don’t settle for second best if you can’t find any photographer’s local that don’t meet your standards. 

9: Will my photos be safe?

Another overlooked question! Corrupt memory cards or crashed hard drives are both a couples and a photographers worst nightmare. It happens very rarely but your photos need to be safe from every event because you obviously can’t go back and redo the entire day. I personally dread this and have done everything I can to circumvent the possibility of this happening. During the course of the day I swap out my memory cards regularly (don’t have all your eggs in one basket) into a waterproof and shockproof hard-case (with my details all over it) and as soon as I get home after the wedding I back up my photos to two hard drives incase one fails for some reason, I have an exact mirror copy on the other hard drive as well as a cloud based storage incase my house catches fire or floods. Extreme measures but I take your photos very seriously. 

10: Do you charge for overtime?

This happens all the time! Some photographers do but I don’t within reason! Its simple and is best to have peace of mind that you’re not going to get charged staggering hourly rates.

Brisbane wedding photography - Party


Bonus: How do I get in touch? 

Hopefully buy reading this I’ve answered all your questions and But you can get in touch through the link below!

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